An Exhibition of Graphic Works by Andrzej Klimowski

The exhibition was designed to accompany At the Edge of Animation, a programme in the Bradford Animation Festival that looked at "un-defining" animation and starting again. Andrzej Klimowski's illustrated lecture and film show opened the programme, which continued with screenings of experimental and abstract films by Walerian Borowczyk, Stan Brakhage, Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, Norman McLaren, and others. Andrzej Klimowski's work has a direct lineage to Borowczyk and the Themersons, whom he knew as a student.

The work on display included film posters, prints, photomontages and drawings from his book, The Secret. The exhibits illustrated the importance of creating distilled, iconic imagery through a montage technique similar to film editing. In his lecture, Andrzej Klimowski discussed the process of working on poster projects set by Henryk Tomaszewski, his professor at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. After exploring possibilities in small-scale drawings, a relevant idea was selected for further expansion, and a full-scale poster was then worked on through the montage of painted elements and type, which were adjusted until the best composition was established and the design could be fixed. This fluid method has remained with him, only now when working on graphic novels the element of time plays a role and here he draws on his experiences with film animation.

The festival programme included screenings of his film Dead Shadow (1980) and an animated adaptation of his first graphic novel, The Depository (2003) which was introduced by its director. The festival's director, Adam Pugh, went on to run the Norwich International Animation Festival, where Andrzej Klimowski was invited in 2006, along with the film-makers Brothers Quay and the Polish art and film historian Marcin Gizycki (author of the text in Andrzej Klimowski's catalogue), to discuss the work of Borowczyk.