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The Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2010

Age UK Award for Inclusive Design

Take Me Home
- Ed Rose, RCA Innovation Design Engineering  (Winner)
Many people struggle to navigate the London bus network successfully because they don't understand how different routes connect. This Oyster-plus system puts all the information about routes and changes into the pocket of the bus passenger, along with their Oyster card. That data is accessed using printed maps in bus stops, which contain embedded digital information via Anoto's unique microdot pattern.

Judges' comment
“A well-conceived and elegant solution that solves a problem for all ages and abilities."

Technology Strategy Board Design Award for Independent Living

Remote Control
- Tom Stables, RCA Design Products (Winner)
Television remote controls can be bewildering and difficult to use for the elderly, especially as many TV and DVD systems now require the operation of multiple remote controls. This project places multiple remote controls in a casing with custom graphic overlays to create a complete easy-to-follow information system. The overlays deliver information in sequence and isolate only the buttons needed.

Judges' comment
"This project makes technology accessible for those who most need it through the simplest of low-tech solutions. It solves a real problem for older people."

Clearblue Design Award for Healthcare and Patient Safety

Super Prosthetics - Experiments in Armwear
- Becky Pilditch, RCA Innovation Design Engineering (Winner) 
This project challenges conventional approaches to the design of prosthetics by exploring armwear as an object of empowerment, choice and identity. A series of design experiments were conducted with lead user Holly Franklin to create wearable objects that explore the relationship between Holly, her hands and her peers, for positive social interaction.

Judges' comment
"A great example of a designer really understanding the medical condition and user need in order to redefine the problem and rethink the purpose of prosthetics. Inclusivity is based on analytical skills and ergonomic studies."

GMW Design Award for Working Life

Desklamp / Projector
- Jamie Tunnard, RCA Design Products (Joint winner)
The Desklamp / Projector is a dual fuction desklamp.The lamphead contains an LED bulb for use as a normal lamp. It also houses a miniature projector enabling moving image to be displayed. The Desklamp/Projector can be connected to media via ports in the lamps base. The lamphead can be easily positioned to adjust the size of the image and switch between desktop and wall projection.

Judges' comment
“A clever piece of technology integrated into a familiar everyday object, opening up huge possibilities in the workplace."

- Lucy Wood, RCA Architecture (Joint Winner)
The London Borough of Camden is blighted by social segregation and school overcrowding. To address the social exclusion problem of 'two Camdens', this architectural project redevelops the outdoor space of schools in a 'condensed urban playground' between Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. Centralised sports facilities, arcades and performance spaces are used to reactivate the public realm.

Judges' comment
“A beautifully presented project creating a community hub at the heart of a massive commercial development."

Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Creativity

Textile Props for Multi-sensory Environments
- Katie Gaudion, RCA Textiles (Winner) 
A collection of textile props for healthcare practitioners to use with adults and children during sensory integration therapy in special multi-sensory environments. Each prop encourages touch, movement and play for those with unusual sensory processing patterns and has particular application for those on the autistic spectrum.

Judges' comment
“This project shows a total understanding of the Helen Hamlyn Centre ethos of socially conscious design. In an important area, the designer has shown intelligence and compassion. The objects themselves are beautiful."

I Don't Like Jabs
- Florie Salnot, RCA Design Products (Highly Commended)
Design interventions to help reduce pain and anxiety for children during hospital treatments such as blood tests, vaccinations and lumbar punctures.

Judge's comment
“A fun approach and a great idea for a place like Great Ormond Street Hospital."

Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Alumni

- Ben Wilson, Design Products Graduate 2001, Helen Hamlyn Research Associate 2002  (Winner)
In the summer of 2009 Ben Wilson worked with pupils from local schools in West London as part of Design Camp, organised by Latymer Upper School in association with ReachOutRCA, to design and make scooters from an off-the-peg kit of parts. The week-long collaboration created a set of new scooter designs and instilled confidence in a group of novice designer-makers.

Judges' comment
"A brilliantly effective piece of co-design introducing young people to the intricacies and rewards of the design process."


I Design for the Urban Male
- Christianna Ibikunle, RCA Fashion
'I design for the urban male', on the move and multifaceted. No longer just moving between work and home, he manages a variety of scenarios. Christianna uses leather and felt, encompassing luxury and sustainability. Blue sky thinking and new technologies inform these designs.

I Live on the Edge, a Cupcake away from a Coma

- James Gilpin, RCA Design Interactions
Millions worldwide experience Type 1 diabetes. What similarities can be drawn between today's medical conditions and future deviations from our genetic norms? James is a Type 1 diabetic and has used his personal experience of living with this condition to inform his work, exploring the consequences of using science to alter the bodies' abilities. Old peoples urine becomes an exportable whisky of high economic value and our children are fed on a diet previously reserved for only the most elite of athletes.

Illustrating the News
- Owain Thomas, RCA Communication Art & Design
At the beginning of 2009, Owain started making a blog. He wanted to take a piece of the news from every day of the year, write a brief article and create a drawing or painting that represented it. The project was to form an illustrational response to 24-hour news. Having started the project on 1 January 2009, Owain illustrated every day of the year in 2009. In 2010 he is illustrating the news weekly.

Judges' comment:
"These three projects are commended for finding a creative way to advance social issues or user needs within their specific disciplines."