Future Luxury

The IMDC Hyundai-KIA Innovation Laboratory was established in 2016, chaired by Professor Dale Harrow and marking the inauguration of the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre. The Future Luxury project was the first design and research work developed by the centre, focusing on cross-disciplinary art and design future forecasting.

The research helps define how luxury could be consumed in the future and explores what factors could influence the emerging aspects of the luxury market. The core aim of the project was to gather views, opinions from these different design disciplines and combine them to generate a series of narratives forecasting areas of luxury. Designers with backgrounds in Architecture, Vehicle Design, Textiles, Industrial Product Design, Design Engineering, Sculpture, UX design and Service Design were selected to work on the project. The designers focused heavily on the greater levels of integration of the digital world and the impact it could have on the way we view and consume luxury.They produced conceptual art and design work investigating trends and aesthetic experiences. Project ranged from how all of our senses could be tailored, but also manipulation with bespoke touch and spell that responds or triggers emotion within the user; to non intrusive interface devices that allow seamless digital interface between human and the internet. The project points to a range of possible futures that utilises exiting or in development technology and challenges our definition of what luxury is. 

Research Team

Prof Dale Harrow

Dan Quinlan

Sam Johnson

Sabina Weiss

Kate Webster

Samantha Yang

Jonathan Stoker

Joungmin Yoo

I-liang Cheng

Amy Rose Collins

Bilaal Saheed

Research Partners

Hyundai Kia