Patent Support Offer

Patent Funding

Graduating students with commercial inventions can win patent support to protect their ideas and avoid disclosure at their graduation show. They are provided with patent funding, guidance and commercialisation support.

Successful applicants receive:

  • patent support before the show
  • a place on Launchpad summer school
  • business mentoring


We expect all projects receiving patent support to form a start-up and commit a minimum of three working days per week to the project. We expect all patent projects to take part in the start-up application process and we will automatically consider your application. You will therefore be given a chance to compete for additional seed funding through the start-up programme and for a chance to join AngelClubRCA. Please see the start-up offer page for further terms.

If your project is chosen for a patent protection, the RCA and you will jointly own the intellectual property in the selected work. You will sign a Profit Share agreement which outlines that the profits will be split 65% (yourself) and 35% (RCA). When you form a company this will be replaced by a new agreement whereby the RCA will become a shareolder with up to 3% equity (depending on the level of resource and investment made into the project by the RCA).