Our Programmes

InnovationRCA provides business coaching and start-up incubation services to students and graduates to help them protect and commercialise pioneering design-led ideas through company formation or licensing.

We invest in and incubate compelling graduate start-up companies with design-led technologies and provide business support and mentoring to help them get to market and transform into investable businesses. Read more about our start-up offer.

Graduating students with commerical inventions can also win patent support to protect their ideas and avoid disclosure at their graduation show. They are provided with patent funding, guidance and commercialisation support. Read more about our patent support offer.

The InnovationRCA start-up incubator serves as a hub of entrepreneurship and enterprise with an active community of very early and early stage start-ups, entrepreneurial fellows and business experts. InnovationRCA has a lively calendar of events designed to champion its incubated start up community and facilitate useful knowledge exchange and introductions.

We have supported a diverse range of early stage start-ups, all of which have had design-led tech at the core of their offer. View a summary of the innovative start-ups which are currently in our incubator or which have gone on to launch products, raise follow-on investment and exist independently.

"I think that as a designer who graduates from the Royal College of Art, you might come out with a very strong vision of what you think is a great idea, but you might not understand the work it will take to actually bring that into a commercial reality. You have to be ready to pivot and change your view of things. You learn entrepreneurship by doing it." Virginia Gardiner

Founder & CEO, Loowatt