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Lead Designer AMPHIBIO LTD
Deadline 8 July 2019

AMPHIBIO LTD was founded by Royal College of Art and Imperial College London graduate Jun Kamei, a previous material science researcher turned designer. It brings innovation and design in the field of diving related marine equipments. Currently focused on the development of a novel artificial gill system to support underwater breathing for divers, the goal of the company in the next 18 month is to prove the technology and assess the different needs of the different potential users. As AMPHIBIO is a recently founded startup, we are looking for flexible minded people to work very very close to the founder, bringing the company from Seed stage to Advanced R&D stage in the development of the artificial gill system.


Be running the early stage of product development focused on the various diver communities - Navigate the team through the customer problem research / problem-solution fit phase - Turn your findings into a first set of product prototypes and iterate

Minimum Qualifications

MSc or MEng

Experience Required

Human Centered Design and Product design experience - BA / MA in product design - Great if you have experiences in early product development in a startup - Super if you are a water activity enthusiast

How to Apply

Please apply with CV & cover letter to