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Kranium Hardware Ltd

Kranium is a lightweight safety cycle helmet which offers significantly greater impact protection to the wearer

Anirudha Surabhi, Dyson Fellow 2010

Current cycle helmets are based on an expanded polystyrene core within a polymer shell and have changed little over past years, with manufacturers seeming to concentrate on the aesthetics rather than performance. In fact few of today's helmets meet the recommended Snell B-90 Helmet Safety Standard.

The Kranium helmet uses a totally new approach in helmet construction and can dramatically improve the impact response the helmet gives in a variety of collision scenarios. This helmet will offer its wearer increased safety and comfort. The proposed manufacturing process will also be ideal for customising helmets to individual head shapes which would result in more comfortable helmets which protects better.

An additional problem with conventional cycle helmets is that expanded polystyrene offers good impact protection only once. This means that if a cycle helmet is dropped, it will not work nearly as well in a subsequent traffic accident and should ideally be replaced. The problem is that helmet users are naturally reluctant to replace helmets that appear, to the eye, to be intact and undamaged. The Kranium cycle helmet incorporates a patent-pending visible impact indicator that would enable the wearer to recognise when the helmet requires replacement.

Because Kranium avoids use of expanded polystyrene and relies instead on the properties of sustainable materials in its construction, its environmental impact is far better than that of existing products. Using low cost materials and manufacturing techniques will also ensure a competitively priced product that could save lives.

The helmet is suitable for all cyclists and other opportunities for this safety helmet in other applications are being explored.
The Kranium intellectual property has recently been assigned to Kranium Headwear Ltd, a company formed by the RCA, its inventor Anirudha Surabhi and technology entrepreneur and private investor Jonathan Cole, in order to commercially develop the product.  

For more information contact Kranium Headwear Ltd 

More information on the Kranium website

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