Start-Ups, the numbers

  • 60 graduate founders launched 39 design-tech start-ups
  • £40 million turnover generated by our start-ups in the last nine years
  • £39 million raised in investor funds 
  • Over £7 million in overseas sales
  • 17 created patentable intellectual property
  • Over 500 in-house UK jobs created
  • Over £3.5 million secured of competitive R&D grant funding
  • Over £2 million raised in crowdfunding campaigns
  • Many prestigious UK and international prizes

Fellowships, the numbers

  • 85 graduate fellows have received business commercialisation mentoring and patent support
  • 121 patents filed
  • 18 licences sold 
  • 37 designs registered
  • 600 students receive IP advice and guidance each year

"The InnovationRCA programme was phenomenally important to me... it is absolutely vital that this support exists for other projects in the future." Duncan Fitzsimons

MA Industrial Design Engineering 2007 and MORPH™ Wheels creator

"If you think back to the basic idea I had at graduation and the technology I have now – the progress has been just amazing." Adrian Westaway

MA Industrial Design Engineering, 2007