GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment)

Driverless futures

How does design help to increase the acceptance and adoption of driverless vehicles in urban environments?

GATEway is an £8m research project that aims to understand and overcome the technical, legal and societal challenges of implementing automated vehicles in an urban environment. The Royal College of Art leads the public engagement work package.

A series of workshops were held to understand people’s hopes and fears for a driverless future and design research was carried out with students and postgraduates within the Royal College of Art. This work led to an exhibition at the London Transport Museum that explores utopian and dystopian futures and helped to shape a second series of workshops where we will ‘design with people’ inside a driverless vehicle in Greenwich.

See 2016 project


Project Researchers: 
Samuel Johnson, Gabriele Meldaikyte, Dan Quinlan, Elizabeth Roberts

Project Directors: 
Rama Gheerawo, Prof Dale Harrow 

Project Co-ordinator: 
Dan Philips


, Innovate UK, Centre For Connected and Autonomous Vehicles