This project has developed an online toolkit designed to enable a furniture manufacturer to collaborate with its clients on workspace analysis and employee consultation when creating new people-centred work environments. 

It shows how workspace can be reprogrammed to be more socially dynamic by addressing programmable surfaces, circulation, large objects and points of interaction.

The project began with a two-year study by architect Benjamin Koslowski, who conducted in-depth user research inside five different workplaces occupying different building types at different scales. An architectural framework inspired by the Parc de La Villette in Paris was applied to test a methodology that enabled the research team to adjust key elements of the workspace in response to behavioural requirements identified through a simple engagement process.

The third year of the study has developed this approach into a digital communication toolkit that is concerned with the landscaping of the office and how workspace can be reprogrammed to give people more choice and variety in how they work alongside colleagues.

See 2013 project here on workspaces

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Herman Miller logo

Research Associate 2014: Lottie Crumbleholme

Research Partners: Herman Miller

RCA Department: Communication Art & Design

Project Period: 2012 - 2014