Lighting for Learning

This project looks at alternative, low-energy ways to light the secondary school classroom to support learning. 

Based on in-depth user research in London, Hong Kong and Trondheim, Norway, it features a lighting set-up to improve mood and motivation – and a lighting guide for teachers and school managers who are often unaware of the impact light can have on the learning process.

Key findings from the research were investigated through a series of classroom lighting workshops and experiments that looked at ways to balance natural and electric lighting, support group learning and address the glare and visual discomfort that arise from a mismatch between lighting and the information and communication technologies now widely used in schools.

This two-year study challenges conventional thinking that just providing more light automatically means better concentration. It takes a more human-centred approach that considers the biological and psychological needs of teachers and students, with valuable guidance on lighting set-up, placement and configuration that can exploit the benefits of emerging lighting technologies.

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Research Associate 2014: Amanda Buckley

Research Partner: Megaman Charity Trust Fund

RCA Department: Design Products

Project Period: 2012-2014