The Great British Public Toilet Map

We all know how difficult it can be to find a toilet when away from home, but for some, such as older people, those with reduced continence due to a medical condition, or people with young children, this can be much more than an inconvenience. 

The Great British Public Toilet Map uses open data provided by local councils to give information about public toilets in the UK. It currently displays more than 5,000 toilets and also includes data on privately provided toilets that the public may use, such as those in train stations.

The project began in 2011 as an output from the TACT3 research project, and in response to information about publicly accessible toilets being incomplete, out of date and fragmented across hundreds of websites. A pilot for the London area was very well received and now the project is expanding the Great British Toilet Map across the whole of the UK. The project demonstrates how valuable local open data can be to improving public service provision, particularly in combination with other data sources and crowdsourcing.

Nominet Logo
Nominet Logo

Project Leaders:
Jo-Anne Bichard, Senior Research Fellow  
Gail Ramster, Research Associate 

Research Assistants: 
Elizabeth Raby and Billie Muraben (RCA Visual Communication) 

Funded by: Nominet Trust

Project Period: March-August 2014

The Great British Toilet Map Logo
The Great British Toilet Map Logo