HW6: Developing Products to Prevent Group Infection in Nursery Schools

Sick children represent a huge problem in our society as parents are prevented from going to work. Therefore, preventing group infection in nursery school is a pressing issue in relation to ensuring mothers' participation in the workforce. According to the latest research (done in 2014 by AbbVie, a pharmaceutical development company), children attending nursery schools in Japan caught 2.6 times more infectious diseases a year than children who did not attend nursery schools. In this research we aim to develop a product that will prevent group infection in nursery schools. Collaborating with Mominoki nursery school in Tokyo, we are currently developing a toy that improves the hygienic environment through play. Inclusive design strategies were integrated into the design process so that it would match the demands of both children and childcare workers.


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Tomo Kihara and Dr Daijiro Mizuno
Keio University, Japan