Highly Commended Projects

This year there were  three highly commended projects from the overall submission: 

Project Lacey Green
Clementine Blakemore – Architecture  
Project Lacey Green is concerned with the relationship between design, making and place. Through the incremental and collaborative construction of a new music room for St John’s primary school in Lacey Green village in Buckinghamshire, the project suggests ways in which built structure can become an ongoing framework for social and cultural infrastructure.

Judge’s comment: 
“A thorough and well-executed project with real community engagement.”

Rosann Ling – Interior Design 
This scheme bridges the gap between the NHS and the home for stroke survivors. Rehabilitation is carried out through gardening and cooking, a series of enjoyable and rewarding activities that also serve as a metaphor for the patient’s gradual improvement. The journey of planting seedlings to using the grown plants as ingredients for cooking forms a continuous cycle of nurture, growth and hope.

Judge’s comment: 
“ Empathic and sensitive interior project linking NHS and home care.”

Everything That Was There Before (and still is)
Michael Pecirno – Information Experience Design 
The work explores a future dark sky’s greatest challenge: encouraging people to save something they’ve never seen. Through a multi-disciplinary approach of cartography, typography, and experiential installation, the piece begins to explore how designers can play a role in communicating a story as old as the universe.

Judge’s comment: 
“Thought-provoking and original way to communicate an issue that is not yet well understood.”