Creative Exchange (CX)

The Creative Exchange (CX) is a £4m Knowledge Exchange Hub led by Lancaster University in partnership with Newcastle University and the Royal College of Art. 

The programme connects design research excellence with businesses, service providers and citizens. CX responds to changes in the design, creative and media-based industries, and the rise of the digital space. It explores new forms of engagement and exchange in the digital media, design, broadcast, performing and visual arts, and gaming sectors, focusing on the public digital sphere and notions of participation, experience, personalisation, connectivity, narrative and identity. 

Such research will lead to new products, experiences and business opportunities that empower anyone, anywhere to access, explore and create with the newly accessible collections of media, public information and personal data trails that form the public digital sphere. A cohort of 20 doctoral researchers are being recruited in the project’s first two years. 

RCA candidates are jointly supervised by the Digital Research Lab in the School of Communication, led by Professor Neville Brody, and by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, led by Professor Jeremy Myerson. This combination brings together communication and digital design expertise with skills in citizen participation and user engagement. 

In October 2012, the first PhD students joined the CX programme: 

  • Ben Dalton, ‘Demons and Sock Puppets: Metaphors of Personal Identity for Pseudonymity in Digital Public Spaces’ 
  • John Fass, ‘Start Making Sense: Digital Archives and Narrative’ 
  • Veronica Ranner, ‘Knowledge Exchange in Bio-Digital Public Space’.