Test Bed 4: Textiles As An Interface

22 January 2016 | 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Kensington, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery

The fourth in a series of four events exploring the nature of the discipline, new contexts for Textiles, the impact of new materials, new ways of thinking and research projects within the Programme.

Led by Veronica Ranner, PhD candidate, The Creative Exchange and Dr Dan Lockton, Visiting Research Tutor, IDE, this seminar explores the role Textiles can play as an interface - from the traditional example being the interface between our selves and our environments through the clothes that we wear, to advanced materials and their shifting implications for society. Interfaces can take many different forms and serve many different  purposes, with textiles communicating and mediating between people (clothes), people and systems (flags, government paraphernalia), as well as people and their rituals (grief, celebration, e.g. weddings and christenings). As interfaces, textiles are culturally interwoven with human emotions, behaviours and social practices, but can we explore their potential to go further in these directions?

Limited places open to RCA students only, all observers welcome.