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So Far/So Good

10 January 2014 | 9.30am – 5pm

11 January 2014 | 9am – 1pm


So Far / So Good is a two day conference running all day Friday and Saturday morning,  organised by the research community enrolled at the Royal College of Art. The program invites RCA researchers to work with national and international research students to collaboratively present work and discussion within four curated sections of the event. Our theme is inspired by a leap in to the space of research and practice. 

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This event is fully booked. If you do not have a ticket, please arrive early as there may be a limited number of returns available.

Friday 10 January 2014, Battersea - Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Dyson Building

Morning Session

The Production of Images

Curated by Azadeh Fatehrad

The theme of the session places emphasis on the appearance or creation of an image through writing and literature. Here, the creation of the image is not dependent upon light but language. In this session we are interested in the ways in which language produces images, and also in the possibility that an image as become a platform for language to appear.

Victor Burgin, Victor Burgin is a Professor Emeritus in the History of Consciousness at the University of California, Santa Cruz; and Emeritus Millard Chair of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Olivier Richon, Professor of Photography at Royal College of Art

Carol Mavor, Professor of Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Manchester 

Afternoon Session

The Prova in Research Practice

Curated by the RCA Humanities Research Forum

Chantal Faust, Angels Miralda Tena, Emily LaBarge, Trond Klevgaard, Dionea Rocha Walt, Paolo Giudici and Helen Kearney

In the tradition of bespoke shoemaking, a prova is used to test whether or not the shoe fits. Shaped around the basic model of a foot, this pilot footwear enables a trial of the compatibility between flesh and material. In this session we will discuss, perform, try and test the concept of prova within the research process, across disciplines and between theory and practice – considering both the utterly tangible, practical side of testing alongside the moment of experimentation as metaphor.

The Institute of the Apocalypse

Curated by Manon Awst Walther, Daisy Ginsberg and Nayan Kulkarni.

The Institute of the Apocalypse offers a performative closure, exploring notions of collapse and processes of unveiling through questioning concepts of the Anthropocene, utopian bioengineering and urban design

Saturday 11 January 2014, Kensington – Darwin Lecture Theatre 1

Morning Session

The Role of The Analogue in a Digital Age

Curated by Chunhui Meng

Within visual communication, the handmade, the tactical experience, the object and craft skills are often portrayed as 'non technological' and at present carry an aura of authenticity. Yet, like digital creations they equally depend on technology and the notion of authenticity is more a romantic myth than a real quality. In this day and age, we are all part of a digital world where almost every aspect of our lives is touched if not ruled by automation, network and digitisation-in particular within communication. In this context, analogue creations are no longer free of connotation and to make non-digital work is a statement. Or it is a clinging on to values that are under threat? What is the role of the analogue in today's communication practice?

Keynote presentation: Creative Process and The Digital Medium by Tereza Stehlíková