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School of Architecture Media Studies Guest Lecture Series: Amelia Groom, 'Temporal Blurriness'

10 October 2018 | 11am – 1pm

GH109, White City


Amelia Groom is the first guest for the 2018–19 School of Architecture Media Studies Guest Lecture Series. Beginning with a focus on the out-of-focus figures in Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre’s 1838 ‘Boulevard du Temple’ images, Groom will consider the aesthetics of the blur, and the ways in which non-delineated form can invite a reimagining of time and its representation. Rather than read blurs only as failures of proper inscription, we will look at what blurriness can inadvertently reveal, both in terms of emancipatory potential (where the blurring of form takes us away from industrial models of time as something that can be harnessed and rigidly divided up) – and as signals of contemporary entrapments (when the temporalities of commerce blur into all other aspects of life, or when free time and the unfree time of work become inseparably blurred).

David Burns, Media Studies Coordinator, will moderate a discussion immediately following the lecture.

This event has been organised by the School of Architecture. Please contact David Burns for more information.


  • Amelia Groom

  • David Burns