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Research Culture Action: Lunchtime Talks

22 October 2015 | 1pm – 2pm


The first in a series of informal lunchtime talks about research, with the aim of bringing together staff and students involved in art and design research across the RCA, to enable discussion and reflection about methods, findings and ways of knowing. Research Culture Action 1: Three people from across the RCA community, doing different kinds of research, talk about their work, for 10 minutes each, followed by a group discussion. This is a brown bag lunch, i.e. please bring your own food and drink. 

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (PhD candidate, Design Interactions): The Dream of Better 

Grit Hartung (Research Associate, SustainRCA) Sharing insights: Circular Makespaces in redistributed manufacturing 

Dr Sarah Teasley (Head of Programme, History of Design) When History is an Experiment 

Exact location TBC (Kensington). Please see researchcultureaction.tumblr.com for an update once we know where it's taking place! Any questions, please email Dr Dan Lockton, Visiting Research Tutor, IDE, dan.lockton@rca.ac.uk