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RCA Film Night Series: 'Sicilian Ghost Story' by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza

4 December 2018 | 6pm – 8pm

Battersea, Gorvy Lecture Theatre


In Sicilian Ghost Story, co-directors Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza’s follow-up to Salvo (2013), the duo evocatively interweave the richness of fairy tales with the obscenity of Mafia control. Based on the 1993 kidnapping of 12-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo, held by the Mafia for 779 days in the hopes of silencing his informant father, the film invents a classmate with a crush who refuses to sweep Giuseppe’s disappearance under the rug. Her bond with the kidnapped boy, manifested through fairy tale symbols — a forest, a cave, animals, a lake — seamlessly dovetails with reality, drawing to the surface the anguish of a lost life together with society's refusal to pay attention to acts of inhumanity. 

Comparisons will be made with a host of other films using Brothers Grimm tropes, particularly Pan’s Labyrinth for the way it combined fairy tales with Spanish fascism. Yet Grassadonia and Piazza steer clear of mythical creatures or a magical place existing alongside our own – their evocation of children’s fables is more grounded.

This event has been organised by the RCA School of Arts & Humanities. If you have any queries, please contact Anne Duffau for more information.