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RCA Arts & Humanities Talk: What's Next? Series on Criticism & Approaches to the Understanding of Culture(s)

28 November 2018 | 4pm – 5.30pm

Battersea, Gorvy Lecture Theatre

Criticism & Approaches to the Understanding of Culture(s)

This panel will examine the role of criticism as an act (among other things) of translation between cultures, and discuss the political, intellectual, personal and formal responsibilities that entails. Art criticism was once assumed to be written or spoken on behalf of a relatively stable public; the critic’s role was to overcome the distance between the work of art and that public. No such unified public exists today, and likely never existed. What are the factors currently in play when as critics, publishers, translators and teachers we attempt to write and speak across cultures?

What's Next 2018/19

The SoAH School Unit has the ambition to introduce students to a diverse range of perspectives, approaches and practices relevant to contemporary practice and thought in the Arts & Humanities. The delivery is devised to help students identify and query their own practices and disciplinary assumptions through encounters with others and within the various practices undertaken by students in SoAH, and to raise awareness around such contemporary concerns as gender, identity, ethnicity, access, appropriation and post-colonial discourses.

The aim of the unit is to sensitise students to the complex world in which they operate, and to inculcate such skills as might enhance their understanding of their own global responsibility and agency.

The Unit will support students in understanding the ramifications of their own work and practice within a broad cultural context, and to recognize its many potentially unintended readings and consequences.

Talks Programme & What’s Next 

The talks programme will combine ‘What’s Next’, a series of six panel discussions developed with Design and Artist Copyright Society (DACS) and touching on areas relevant to professional development and the operations of the broader cultural economy, with talks delivered by relevant practitioners who will broaden the debate and discussion by articulating specific positions and approaches. 

Jennifer Higgie, Editorial Director, frieze

Sarah Shin, Publisher, Silver Press and Communications Director, Verso