The Odious Smell of Truth

20 April 2017 to 21 April 2017 | Private View: Wednesday 19 April, 6–9pm. 20 & 21 April: Appointments from 2–6pm


Hockney Gallery, Stevens Building. Free admission, by appointment only. Please email

The Odious Smell of Truth is an exhibition by the RAGE Collective made up of International, EU and British Fine Art Students from the Royal College of Art working together with Peter Kennard, RCA Senior Fine Art Tutor. The show is this group of emerging artists’ reaction to global issues ranging from populism, national identity, human rights, demagoguery, war and economic crisis.

Shinyoung Park's and Hyun Kim's work is about corruption and internalized power in South Korea. Mark Langston, Eugenia Popesco and Amy Cornfield respond to Brexit and class issues in the UK. Amy also tackles the complexities of heritage and the persistence of racism in South Africa. Francis Olvez-Wilshaw addresses economic collapse. Amale Khlat’s work reconstructs war memories through voices and images. Bonnie Wong emphasizes the ridiculousness of media. Paul Coombs presents a new flag for a ‘new’ America. Camila Mora Scheihing mirrors the past with the present. Tamara Kametani comments on the EU’s asylum policies and Rhine Bernardino focuses on the violence of the President of the Philippines’ war on drugs along with the horror of arbitrary value placement, abstraction and disconnection that come with it.

By appointment only, please email if you would like to visit the exhibition.