Kathrin Böhm & My Villages: Company

2 June 2016 | 6.30pm – 9pm

Battersea, StudioRCA

A- - -Z & StudioRCA Riverlight have invited Kathrin Böhm to present her ongoing project: Company part of the collective Myvillages. The event is part of the London Festival of Architecture at StudioRCA.

Company links east London’s history of ‘going down to Kent’ with the ambition to set up a community drinks-making enterprise.

Between the early 1800’s and the 1950’s, up to 250,000 working-class east Londoners
– mainly women and children – would leave the city each summer for temporary seasonal work harvesting fruit and hops in Kent. This ‘working holiday’ in the countryside offered income, fresh air and temporary independence from city life.

Company revisits the hop picking history of London’s East End and connects and reconnects different communities, places and processes involved: land, agriculture, harvest, processing and consuming. The long-term objective is to establish a new cultural and economic enterprise which incorporates values and aspects from the “old hop-picking days” but allows for roles, shares and potentials to be altered.

In 2015 Company Drinks registered as a Community Interest Company and offers a year-round public programme across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, including picking trips, processing workshops, bottling and branding sessions, trading outlets, bars and social and cultural events.

KathrinBöhm is a London-based artist with a long-standing interest in the collaborative making and extending of public spaces through methods of collective production, distribution and usage. Böhm is the leading artist on Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks.

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