15 March 2018 | 6pm – 9.30pm

Battersea, Dyson Gallery


This episode of the IRRUPTIVE CHORA series is an evening of performative readings and performances, observing how the body morphs, mutates, subverts and surrenders to discursive practices. Artists Martin O’Brien, Zoe Marden, Rebecca Jagoe, Jessica Worden and Daniella Valz Gen work at the intersection of installation, sculpture, sound, text and performance, collapsing and folding them into each other and creating layered experiences. They explore ideas around embodying liminality, contemporary forms of ritual-making, the body in live space, representations of and resistance to illness, the abject, speculative futures and unruly bodies. 

IRRUPTIVE CHORA is an encounter between curator Agata Kik and artist Ania Mokrzycka, invited to host a series of events at the Royal College of Art and Chalton Gallery. The programme was conceived as a collective search for and an approximation of the ‘irruptive chora’; a dynamic and autonomous space where ideas have a potential and energy to generate and transmit themselves.

This event has been organised by the RCA School of Arts & Humanities. If you have any queries, please contact Anne Duffau for more information.