14 March 2018 | 6pm – 10.30pm

Battersea, Dyson Gallery


This installment of the IRRUPTIVE CHORA series of events is an evening of of live experimental performances by Ewa Justka, Object Blue, Adam Christensen and Vindicatrix and Pel Bonheur (DJ set), who explore sound in its penetrative, sculptural, generative and affective qualities. They will open up a fluid space allowing for multitudes of experiences, identities, desires and aspirations to be enacted, echoed and assimilated. Through echoes, delays, warps, flexes, loops, distortions, speech and multi-vocality invited artists investigate themes such as narrative and noise, deconstruction, the relation of sound and space, embodied interaction, new forms of perception, and the virtual and the spiritual.

IRRUPTIVE CHORA is an encounter between curator Agata Kik and artist Ania Mokrzycka, invited to host a series of events at the Royal College of Art and Chalton Gallery. The programme was conceived as a collective search for and an approximation of the ‘irruptive chora’; a dynamic and autonomous space where ideas have a potential and energy to generate and transmit themselves.

This event has been organised by the RCA School of Arts & Humanities. If you have any queries, please contact Anne Duffau for more information.