Fiddling While Earth Burns

28 November 2015 to 8 December 2015 | Monday–Friday: 11am–5pm, Saturday: 12–5pm. Closed Sunday

Battersea, Dyson Building

An exhibition by the Climate Action Collective composed of artists from across the RCA. This exhibition is aimed at raising awareness of the forthcoming COP21 in Paris this December, where world leaders will meet to discuss and impose legal frameworks for restricting the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Current trends indicate that the world’s temperature could increase as much as 4.8°C over the next 80 years, which would result in global food shortages and rising sea levels with an ever increasing world population - indicating more concrete plans are needed to avoid world disaster.

In response to this summit, this exhibition’s title reflects the often piecemeal promises made by governments around the world to deal with greenhouse gas emissions. Drawing inspiration from the photomontage style of Peter Kennard, the exhibition includes various designs for protest placards to be used during the Climate Change protest in London on 29/11/15. In addition, it also includes video, photography, lithographic and sound artworks which aim to address the broader implications of Climate Change on this generation. In doing so, the Climate Action Collective hope to crew a greater public consciousness of COP21, in turn adding pressure on world leaders to resolve some of these pressing issues.

Private View: Friday 27 November, 6–8pm RSVP here.

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