Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions 2016

9 March 2016 to 20 March 2016


Curating Contemporary Art MA students at the Royal College of Art present their graduate show of four independent projects. Open to the public from 9–20 March, the galleries at Kensington Gore will feature new site-specific installations and a programme of live events that reflects current developments in curating. 

Presenting the work of established and emerging artists, highlights include a trans-local project about the nature of public space centred on happenings in London, Lahore and São Paulo; an exhibition of sound works that physically affect the body; an architectural-sound installation; and a dispersed programme of performances, sound-based sculpture, painting, and online commissions. 

They have traced lines and lived inside them
They have traced lines and lived inside them is a collaboration between artist Sophie Mallett and architect Emma Letizia Jones. The installation challenges preconceptions of sound as disembodied phenomenon and architecture as a material manifestation by using sound as a method of cartography to explore how space is experienced. Video projections and audio recordings transmitted through handheld listening devices transform the gallery into a terrain where the spatial mechanics of bordering are questioned. 
Artist: Sophie Mallett
Architect: Emma Letizia Jones
Curators: Federica Buzzi, Gabria Lupone, Louise Potzesny, Jessica Taylor

Sound Field
The result of investigations into audio-tactile sensations, Sound Field brings together sound works that physically affect the body. Immersive by design, site-specific installations and performances allow visitors the opportunity to temporarily break from the image-saturated world and experience the material properties of sound. 
Artists: Ain Bailey, Florian Hecker and Mark Fell 
Curators: Sanghee Kim, Laura Prime, Grace Storey

‘How would you like art to engage with your city?’ From the streets of Lahore, São Paulo and London come three projects that respond to questions of public space, trans-locality, and art audiences. Through happenings, a dedicated website and a public programme, PROJECT_16 offers a proposal of how to make and share art in 2016. Be part of it at 
Artists: Awami Art Collective (Lahore), Paula Nishijima (São Paulo) Emma Smith (London)
Website designers: Laura Quintana, Claudia Oliveira, Eva Domènech (Barcelona)
Curators: Lavinia Filippi and Amanda Masha Caminals (London)

Sorry you missed me
Sorry you missed me links six artists negotiating codes of transmission. The show features original performances, sound-based sculpture, temporary wall paintings, and online commissions. The works exist in between the other projects in the gallery space, inviting audiences to navigate moments of contamination and come into contact with traces of missed connections.
Artists: Larry Achiampong, Marco Godoy, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Hanne Lippard, Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan 
Curators: Rafael Barber Cortell, Inês Geraldes Cardoso, Léa Herbeth, Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez, Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

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