Civic University Masterclass: Schools Within Schools

15 February 2014 | 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Kensington, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery

As part of their work-in-progress show, the Architecture Programme are presenting a series of 'Civic University Masterclasses' addressing questions that no one can master but to which all can collectively contribute. Students will provoke lively discussions and gain broad feedback on their work in progress.  Split up into the Department of Disclosure (DOD) and the Department of Commoning (DOC), the masterclasses will experiment with an architecture of skill-sharing and knowledge exchange.

Join ADS 3 for a round table conversation on micro school platforms. On the final day of the Work in Progress Show we will reflect on the first installment of the Civic University. Together with London based artist Lawrence Lek, who helped conceive the proposal for the WIP show with ADS 3 and Rachel Falconer, newly appointed curator at the White Building in Hackney Wick.

Contributors:  ADS 3, Lawrence Lek and Rachel Falconer