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The Bright Labyrinth: Transmission 3

13 November 2018 | 4pm – 6pm

GH 109, White City


Who Needs the Future?: Communication Practice after McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan claimed that we glimpse the present through a rearview mirror. This lecture will interrogate how communication practice has informed the concept of ‘the future’ and how, in turn, the future itself has become a power communication medium. If the medium is the message, has it now left us behind?

Suggested Reading:

‘How AT&T Shaped Modern Art’, Caroline Christie, Little Atoms, 2016

‘Notes Towards a Feminist Futurist Manifesto’, Sarah Kember, Ada, 2012

The Bright Labyrinth Lecture Series is sixteen individual lectures delivered over the spring and autumn terms. It explores some of the twists, turns, bizarre connections and surprises that surround us as we contemplate the future of visual communication in the twenty-first century. How did we get here? And where do we want to go? In order to shape the future, we may also have to shape the past.

This event is organised by the Visual Communication Programme in the School of Communication. Please contact Maja Ngom for more information.