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Bio-Intelligent Species Exhibition and Symposium

16 May 2018 to 19 May 2018 | Symposium: 16 May, 5–7pm

Kensington, Courtyard Galleries

Following the Synthetic?Neuron! AcrossRCA workshop, a team of students from Fashion, Service Design, IDE, and Visual Communication have continued the project and have been working on developing some new bio-intelligent species, mostly in the speculative realm, but backed up by research and input from the Yoshiho Ikeuchi lab for Biomolecular and Cellular Engineering in Tokyo. This exhibition is of their design explorations into the future of synthetic neurobiology. 

The event will be launched with a symposium on 16 May from 5–7pm in which as well as students presenting their visions for bio-intelligent species, we also have talks for experts involved in the field: Yui Nakanish from Ikeuchi Lab at University of Tokyo; Helene Steiner, who runs a biocomputer startup; and Ron Jones from Service Design, who will be talking about the ethics of neurobiology design. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Tim Corvin, one of the founders of the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab.

Exhibition to take place in the entrance gallery/bar area, Darwin Building.

This event has been organised by Research, Knowledge and Innovation. Please contact Tim Corvin for more information.


  • Yui Nakanish

  • Helene Steiner

  • Ron Jones

  • Tim Corvin