Student Stories

Generous contributions from our alumni and supporters have already helped change the lives of RCA students.

'The RCA Fund saved me from having to postpone my final year of studying at the Royal College of Art. I would have needed to save some extra money, to be able to afford the additional course costs to cover materials, toile development and my final collection. I would have been gutted to postpone for a year and think it would have impacted the momentum I had built and the passion I had for the work and research undertaken so far'.

Louise Annis, MA Fashion Womenswear, 2014

'The Scholarship will hugely contribute towards my monthly budget. It will also allow me to spend all week in the College. This is crucial for the development of my work, as it allows me to make the most of my time at the RCA and to use the new amazing workshops in Battersea!’

Patricia Voskova, MA Printmaking, 2013

'As I am a lone parent with a young child, my time at the college is already very challenging. If I hadn’t receive the scholarship, I would have had to sacrifice my study/practice time for working to earn money. It has made my life easier, especially mentally – just to be nominated for receiving the award makes me feel confident of my study and has given me the positive mental strength to continue'.

Harumi Foster, MA Ceramics & Glass, 2014

'To receive the RCA Fund Scholarship is an honour and shows both the College’s and alumni support for the next generation of students! In real terms, it means I can cut down my work shifts to focus on my college work without worrying how to afford materials and food/bills.’

Liam Hodges, MA Fashion Menswear, 2013 

‘Funding is extremely hard to come by in the UK at the moment, with competition being very tight at the top. After a difficult first year personally and financially, receiving the scholarship for my second year feels like a huge strain has been lifted'.

Molly Perrin, MA GSM&J, 2013

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