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  • Yoon Bahk is a designer and an educator in London who specialises in design thinking and thinking through drawing.

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  • A native of South Korea, Yoon spent a good portion of her formative years in the USA and UK. She was trained as an industrial designer at KAIST (2006) in South Korea and then she moved to London where she was awarded a double Masters from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London in Innovation Design Engineering (2008). Her background and education has given her a bilingual, multicultural and interdisciplinary outlook, enabling her to weave between the social spaces between cultures, disciplines including design and engineering, and commercial and academic worlds.

    Since finishing her studies, Yoon has worked as a design consultant, developing innovation strategies using design thinking and methods to tackle problems. She has also developed toys with Laughing Onions Ltd., a UK-based toy inventor, since 2009. She has worked for companies including Unilever, Pepsico, Barry Callebaut and LG. In 2011, Yoon set up Studio Jammo Ltd. Yoon has always been passionate about doodling and this had led to graphic facilitation forming a central role in Studio Jammo’s activities.

    In 2012 Yoon returned to the Royal College of Art as a tutor in the IDE programme, where she had previously taught as a visiting tutor with a focus on international workshops using collaborative learning and design thinking.

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  • Practice

      Selected work


      Research interests

      Rammo Jammo – A Visual Archive

      This project attempts to provide a comprehensive library of images that encapsulates contemporary life.  Addressing a global audience, this wealth of images – created by Bahk - can effectively facilitate communication that transcends the written and spoken word through the visual language of design.


      Design Can Do Workshops

      These workshops are run by Yoon Bahk and Jiwon Park (RISD) and tackle local social issues around the world in a highly compressed time frame. The goal of the workshop is to raise awareness that ‘design can do’ so much more than people think, and to use these workshops as a test bed for developing an evolving a toolkit with a manual to be used as a reference in setting up and running such workshops.

      Design Can Do’s second workshop was held from 23−25 November in Cape Town, South Africa to address social integration in Cape Town’s Fringe District. The workshop was attended by 36 volunteer professionals organised into six design teams. Teams were guided by Design Can Do (Jiwon Park and Yoon Bahk) and their toolkit to design solutions for the area that could stimulate interaction, revitalise derelict spaces and encourage people to rediscover their city.


      Korea Institute of Design Promotion 2011/12 – Next Generation Design Leader