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Professor Steve Evans


  • Steve Evans
  • Area

    Research, Knowledge Exchange & Innovation


    Visiting Professor, Materials Science Research Centre

  • Professor Steve Evans is Visiting Professor in the Burberry Material Futures Research Group for the Sustainable Future Manufacturing theme.

  • Biography

  • Alongside his Visiting Professorship at the RCA, Professor Steve Evans is Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. He leads a research team trying to improve the environmental impact of the world’s industrial system. Steve started working in his first factory in 1976, before becoming Engineering Systems Manager at Martin-Baker Engineering, where he helped design and make the world’s best ejection seats. Helping save two lives per week and working on a product that has two seconds to succeed, often travelling at up to 1000kph, was too much fun and forced a change of career into teaching and research.

    Steve holds a BSc and PhD from the University of Bath.  His academic leadership has recently been recognized by an invitation to become a Member of Academia Europaea.

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  • Practice

  • Steve has been a millionaire and lost it – twice. He has co-founded a number of clean technology start-ups and held various posts advising industry and governments, including Specialist Adviser to the UK House of Lords.

    Steve is active with government organisations (UK and international), informing policy at all levels. He has been Co-Chair of the parliamentary Manufacturing Commission with Lord Bilimoria, Special Adviser to the UK House of Lords, and a lead author of the Government Foresight Report into the Future of Manufacturing. Steve has advised the UN on setting up industrial policy for six countries.

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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

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  • Awards and Grants

  • Highlights since 2008: Design PSS │ Capability based PSS conceptual design. EPSRC (IMRC)  £496k. 2008–2011 various (Co-Investigator) 

    Network PSS │ Service Networks for Product-Service Systems. EPSRC (IMRC) £380k. 2008–2011 various (Co-Investigator)

    PSS Value │ Assessing the value created by product-service systems EPSRC (IMRC) £409k 2008 - 2011 various (Co-Principal Investigator with Dr Martinez, Prof Wilson)

    PSS Transform │ Assessing the value created by product-service systems. EPSRC (IMRC) £370k. 2008–2011 Astrium & others (Co-Principal Investigator with Dr Martinez, Dr Kingston)

    THERM │ Through life Energy & Resource Management Modelling. TSB £350k (part of 1.5M+) 2009–2012 Toyota Europe, Airbus UK, & others (Project management is with Airbus, I led proposal)

    LESSONS │ Low Energy and Sustainable Solutions Online kNowledge System TSB £80k (part of 1.5M+) 2009–2012 DMU & others (Co-Investigator)

    National Centre │ EPSRC Centre for Innovative manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability. EPSRC (£4.7M & £2M support & £7M in further awards) 2011–2016 Imperial College & multiple members (the Centre has over 60 staff conducting research across the full industrial sustainability field. Key industrial members include Toyota Europe, GM USA, Unilever and Marks & Spencer.) (Principal Investigator)

    SustainValue │ Sustainable value based business models H2020 £300k. 2011–2014 VTT Finland, Fraunhofer, et al.

    FlexMan │ Flexible Manufacturing: Extending UK manufacturing capacity through the introduction of continuous processing unit operations. Innovate UK £915k. 2015–2017 CPI, Croda Europe & NiTech. (Principal Investigator)

    REDRESS │ Driving garment recovery and retained value in collaboration. Innovate UK £529k. 2014–2016 Marks & Spencer (Principal Investigator)

    BM4SIS │ Business models for sustainable industrial systems EPSRC £352k. 2014–2017 Department of Land Economy (University of Cambridge), Toyota and Riversimple. (Co-Investigator)

    MAESTRI │ Industrial Symbiosis scaling in process industryH2020 £342k. 2014–2017 ISQ Portugal et al.

    TransTextile | Developing High Value Products from Industrial Waste in Sri Lanka EPSRC GCRF £55k. 2016–2017 Expo Industrial Engineering

    SCALER │ Potential of Industrial Symbiosis in Europe H2020 £342k 2016–2019 ISQ Portugal et al.

    TRUST │ Twinning for Industrial Sustainability H2020 £100k 2018–2020 Chalmers Sweden et al.


Research interests

At the University of Cambridge, Steve tries to find ways to help industry become sustainable, and is particularly interested in inexpensive solutions.  His team come from across the globe, solving problems in Africa and Asia as well as advanced economies.

Throughout his academic career Steve has demonstrated the capacity to build research collaborations to deliver high quality use-inspired research underpinned by innovative fundamental research. Highlights include: 

  • 1995–99 COGENT with Nissan and 120 suppliers
  • 2001–3 COGENT Construction with BRE and twenty suppliers
  • 2005–8 LIFEcar, Morgan Motor Co, Oxford, Qinetiq etc
  • THERM 2009–12 with Airbus, Toyota and IES ltd., 2011-Present with Toyota, M&S, Unilever, Adnams, Riversimple and others. 

This approach has been combined with thought leadership, holding the first UK grants in Eco-Design, WEEE take back and product service systems.