Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen


  • Biography

  • Prior to joining Imperial, Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen established and led the Design Engineering and Innovation group (around 37 researchers) at the Technical University of Denmark. She completed her PhD at the Engineering Design Centre, Cambridge and was then elected Engineering fellow of Edward Murray College Cambridge.

    Saeema's research focuses on improvements of both products (including product service systems) and processes (creative, product development and innovation), through developing a scientific understanding of the processes. She has over 100 reviewed publications and works in close collaboration with industry, from the fields of aerospace, oil drilling equipment and medical devices, to consumer products such as headsets. 

    Saeema's multidisciplinary approach includes adopting computer science, engineering and psychology to tackle research projects. This approach underpins the tools and methods used to impact practice and improve products, processes and user experiences. She actively contributes to the development of rigorous research methods including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. 

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  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Selected Journal Articles

    Cash, P., Dekoninck, E.A., Ahmed-Kristensen, S. (2017) 'Supporting the development of shared understanding in distributed design teams', Journal of Engineering Design, 28, 147–170

    Perez Mata, M., Ahmed-Kristensen, S., Brockhoff P.B. et al. (2016) 'Investigating the influence of product perception and geometric features', Research in Engineering Design, 1–23

    Stavrakos, S-K., Ahmed-Kristensen, S., Goldman, T. (2016) 'Using archetypes to create user panels for usability studies: Streamlining focus groups and user studies', Applied Ergonomics, 56, 108–116

    Selected Conference Papers

    Cramer-Petersen, C.L., Ahmed-Kristensen, S. (2016) 'Argumentation and reasoning in design: An empirical analysis of the effects of verbal reasoning on idea value in group idea generation', 957–966

    Soendergaard, E., Ahmed-Kristensen, S. (2016) 'Developing a support tool for global product development decisions', 727–737

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Research interests

Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen's research moves towards supporting the automation of design. This is addressed through:

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of creativity, design thinking in order to advance theories and also create the foundations of AI tools, and new methods and tools.
  2. Product Development Processes;  Currently developing models to support  manufacturing firms for Innovation 4.0 though creating agile hybrid processes that can be integrated with Stage Gate models. 
  3. Making the intangible tangible- the challenge of moving the field of  user experience from a a qualitative to quantitive approaches fascinates Ahmed-Kristensen e.g. using data science techniques with AI and generative design to improve, Interaction design (for example creating tools to measure and predict comfort together with GN Netcom; emotional design (can we use computers to generate design where we can predict the perception). Current research project is looking at modelling wellbeing through sensor based data.
  4. Data to value: engineering knowledge management, product modelling; engineering change, functional modelling, bio-inspired design, ontology, data driven design.