Paris Selinas


  • Paris Selinas is Research Associate on the Design Products programme at the Royal College of Art. 

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  • Paris Selinas is design researcher at Prototyping Open Innovation Models for ICT-Enabled Manufacturing in Food and Packaging – or just Open Food. He is a self-proclaimed design wanderer, maker, baker, cartoonist & cartoon.

    Paris holds an MEng equivalent (5 year) degree in Electrical  & Computer Engineering. After working as a design engineer in Italy & Greece, he moved to the UK to study design. He graduated with distinction from Brunel University’s Msc Integrated Product design and worked for a short period for a Shoreditch-based start up as a toy designer, before he joined the Royal College of Art as a design researcher.


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Selected work


Research interests

Paris Selinas is a design researcher at Prototyping Open Innovation Models for ICT-Enabled Manufacturing in Food and Packaging, or Open Food, a multidisciplinary research project that brings together product designers, computer scientists and manufacturing engineers to better connect food manufacturers and consumers by bringing the latter in the design and innovation loop.

As we are in an age of participation, consumers no longer need to be on the periphery of development, but can play an active role. The tools that transformed mass production-digital fabrication, user-led design, shared information and open access- are now entering the food sector. As a result, we are moving away from one size fits all food products to more flexible, personalised manufacturing that embraces individual preferences and dietary needs, re-invents the relationship between food manufactures and consumers and opens up new business models.

From a design perspective, Open Food is looking into emerging challenges and opportunities in the digital design and manufacturing of edible products. Some key aspects include i) the motivation of individuals for participation, ii) the development of a visual language to communicate sensorial food attributes, and iii) the potential of decentralised “food-labs”. To address the above, Open Food takes a user-centered approach, running design workshops with consumers and other stakeholders.

The Open Food is an EPSRC funded project.