Evan Raskob


  • Evan is responsible for Year One students as well as working with students across all years and on special projects including the BioDesign Challenge. He is an experienced interactive designer, artist and educator in Product Design.  Evan has degrees in Industrial Engineering, Interactive Media, and teaching for higher education.  He is currently researching 3D printing and how it can be used in computational design, and undergoing a PhD exploring how 3D and multi-sensory data visualisation (including VR and AR) is different from 2D, especially complex data like cellular biology and process flows in large organisations.

  • Biography

  • Evan is a multimedia artist and educator.  In addition to his full-time role at the RCA he is also currently undertaking a part-time PhD in Arts and Computational Technology at Goldsmiths University in London under Mick Grierson and Rebecca Fiebrink exploring 3D visualisations of complex data, such as in VR and augmented reality.

    Evan’s research interests are in 3D printing and computational design; machine learning and how it can be used for product design; mixed-reality design such as VR and AR and augmented senses; biodesign and how synthetic biology and biology in general can help develop more sustainable materials and products that are better for the environment.

    His notable previous experience was at Ravensbourne as the Course Leader for BA Design Products , BA Design Interactions, and also BA Design & Coding which he created along with artist Nick Rothwell.  Before that, he helped develop UCA Farnham’s BA Computer Games Arts, and taught interaction and art for 4 years on BA Digital Film and Screen Arts.

    Evan has a PGCE in Higher Education in the arts which has helped him develop his academic research and teaching practice, but has also spent a number of years grappling with the question of how we perceive and represent sound.  His Master’s thesis from New York University’s ITP department was on “The Powers of Perception” and looked at the complex relationship of visual events and sound through a series of interactive sonic artworks.  Evan spent the better part of a decade creating his own audio-visual software for live performance and was one of the pioneers of the "Livecoding" scene in London, contributing code to the open source, audio-visual livecoding performance environment called Fluxus.  He performs regularly at international "Algoraves" including the SupoerSonic Festival.

    Additionally, Evan worked as a software developer for producers of concert visuals for bands such as Bon Jovi, the Chemical Brothers and artists including Robert Whitman.  Evan’s work has been exhibited in various locations in the US, France, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, and the UK, notably at the Kinetica Art Fair in London, the Progressive Insurance Collection in Mayfair, Ohio, and the Pace-Wildenstein Gallery in New York.
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