Elizabeth Raby


  • Elizabeth (Lizzie) Raby is a designer and researcher, whose work focuses on mental health, graphic design and design as a conversational and behaviour change tool. Lizzie has worked with a range of communities including dependent drinkers, those with mental health difficulties, individuals with autism, Parkinson’s patients and those who support and work with these individuals.

  • Biography

  • Lizzie completed a Masters degree in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art (2014). She is currently working at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design on the ‘Drink Informed’ project engaging dependent drinkers with educational material. She also works as an Infographics consultant for the Anna Freud Centre, working with complex data sets and information to increase accessibility and understanding for young people and clinicians. Since graduation she has founded an exciting new venture called the Design Education Society, exploring resource kits for educational use, building upon learning theories and multi-sensory experiences to explain varying themes.  

  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Raby, E. & Matthews, E. (2015). `Drink Informed, Co-Design for Behaviour Change', Poster presentation at Getting to Grips with Alcohol Conference, Southampton, 28 January 2015