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  • Tereza Stehlíková is a London-based artist working primarily in the medium of moving image.  She is currently a research coordinator on the Animation programme at the Royal College of Art.  Stehlíková is a founder of Sensory Sites, an international collective based in London that generates collaborative exhibitions, installations and research projects that explore multi-sensory perception and bodily experience. Current projects include developing a collaboration with professor Charles Spence of Cross Modal Research Laboratory, Oxford, as well as a collaboration with the Centre for the Study of the Senses (UCL), investigating how interactions between the senses can be utilised in the expressive vocabulary of cinema.

  • Biography

  • Tereza Stehlíková first studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design, completing her foundation course in 1995 and BA in Graphic Design & Illustration in 1998. Following a postgraduate training course in Softimage 3D + drawn animation at the London Animation School, she joined the MA Animation programme at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2001. In 2012  Stehlíková completed her PhD in Animation, also at the RCA, where she researched how the tactile and somatic senses can be evoked by audio-visual means.

    In addition to her role as Animation research co-ordinator and PhD supervisor at the RCA, Stehlíková is Senior Lecturer in theory and practice at the University of Westminster, and has also lectured at the University of Bedfordshire and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

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  • Practice

  • Tereza Stehlíková is a London-based Czech artist working primarily in the medium of moving image. Stehlíková’s work has been exhibited widely, most recently in a collaborative sculptural video installation with Rosalyn Driscoll (USA), entitled Generation, at GV Art London, London 2013. In November 2013 Stehlíková also created and directed a multi-sensory dining experiment, entitled Icelandic Dining Exploration, which took place in Blacks Club, Soho, and involved 24 guests and a similar number of collaborators. The event is part of an ongoing investigation and forms part of Stehlikova’s research methodology; it is also going to become a film project.

    Stehlikova frequently presents her work at various international and UK conferences, such as Hangzhou Animation festival, China; the Bauhaus Universitat Weimar, Germany; Århus Universitet, Denmark; Aalto University, Finland; Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, as well as the Royal College of Art and King's College, London. Her films, which have been shown at a number of international film festivals, include Red Riding Hood (2012), Melusine, (2010), a collaboration with the award-winning filmmaker Grant Gee, and The Perpetual (2010), with an original score by Scanner, which can be seen on the dedicated creative website for TURBINE HALL Commission by TACITA DEAN.

    Stehlikova’s photographs were published in Railtracks (2011), a collaborative dialogue between the writers John Berger and Anne Michaels, which was recently named as one of the top ten bestseller of London Review Bookshop’s first decade, and an illustrated book for children, The Story of Violet, the official Czech representative at a pan-European children’s literature event at London’s Topolski Centre in 2010. Her short stories, reviews and illustrations have been published in, among others, Vertigomagazine, to which she contributed as a regular writer and illustrator, Artesian and FO A RM (New York).

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  • External collaborations

  • Tereza Stehlíková collaborates with the Centre for the Study of the Senses, based at the Institute of Philosophy, University College London, where she contributes to the project, Rethinking the Senses, which has been awarded an AHRC Science in Culture Large Grant. She also works with Charles Spence of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford. In addition, she is the founding member of Sensory Sites, an international collective of artists based in the UK that is committed to creating multisensory, site-specific installations that heighten people’s sensory responses by appealing to all the senses, especially touch and proprioception. She is part of CREAM (The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media, University of Westminster), the Animation PGR group initiated by Paul Wells (University of Bournemouth) and is also part of Artistic Research - Crossing Contexts, a study circle based at the Nordic Summer School (NSU).

  • Publications, exhibitions and other outcomes

  • Selected Exhibitions and Competitions

    2013 Icelandic Dining Exploration, a concept and design of a multisensory banquet, Blacks Club, London

    2013 Generation, video installation, GV Art, London (with Rosalyn Driscoll)

    2012 Every Mother and Every Daughter, video installation, Kingsgate gallery (with Rosalyn Driscoll)

    2012 Art School Awards 2012, Winner of PhD category, Debut Contemporary, London

    2012 Inspiring Matter, RCA, London

    2011 Transpirings, group exhibition, Kingsgate Gallery, London

    2011 Film work exhibited as part of the dedicated website for Tacita Dean Turbine Hall commission, Tate Modern, London

    2011 SENSORY WORLDS: Environment, Value and the Multi-Sensory, video installation, Edinburgh University

    2011 ‘Nostalgia’, Blue Period, group show, Camden Collective, London

    2011 ‘Just Under the Surface’, Art in Touch, group exhibition (curator and participating artist), Crypt Gallery, London

    2011 The King and the Minotaur, group show, London

    2010 Sensory Strata, solo exhibition, Pages of Hackney Gallery, London

    2010 Echoes of Other Worlds, group exhibition, Stables Gallery, Twickenham

    2010 In Progress, research exhibition, RCA, London

    2010 Interior: Constellations, solo exhibition, Kingsgate Gallery, London

    2009 To Touch the House of Memory, research group exhibition, RCA, London

    2009 Safe to Touch, group exhibition, Hub National Center for Craft and Design, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

    Conferences and Presentations

    2013 So Far / So Good, Research conference, keynote presentation, RCA, London

    2013 Sino-UK Animation Education Forum, Hangzhou, China

    2012 The Art of Research, presenting paper ‘Tangible Territory’, Helsinki, Finland 

    2012 Life Beyond PhD, short presentation on ‘Film and Tactility’, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor

    2012 New Perspectives on Animation, presenting paper ‘Tangible Territory’ (+ Red Riding Hood)

    2011 Conference on Practice Based Research in Art and Design, Bauhaus Universitat, Weimar, Germany

    2011 Light and Shadow Salon, ‘Touch Memory and the Moving Image’ seminar, London

    2011 Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment, Presenting paper, ‘Touch Memory and the Moving Image’, The Winter Symposium, NSU, Århus, Denmark

    Selected Festivals and Screenings 

    2013 Red Riding Hood, North West Film Archive/ Manchester Metropolitan University exhibition

    2013 Serpentine Way, Sikkah Art Fair, Dubai

    2013 Red Riding Hood, ROMAEUROPAFESTIVAL - DIGITAL LIFE, Rome, Italy

    2013 Serpentine Way, Streaming Museum, New York (

    2012 Red Riding Hood, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

    2012 Red Riding Hood, symposium, Kings’ College London

    2012 Red Riding Hood, Royal College of Art, London

    2011 The Perpetual, Melusine (presentation), Residence gallery, London

    2011 Melusine, Modern Art Oxford Shorts programme, Oxford

    2011 Melusine, Light and Shadow Salon, London

    Selected Publications 

    Stehlíková, T. (2013) ‘Mapping the Terrain of Lived Space’, in Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment,  Århus: NSU

    Stehlíková, T. (2013) ‘Tactility and Film’, in It’s a method! – Practice-Based Research, Weimar: Bauhaus Universitat

    Stehlíková, T. (2011) Railtracks, text by John Berger and Anne Michaels, photography by Stehlikova, London: Go Together Press

    Stehlíková, T. (2007) The Story of Violet, London: Go Together Press

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  • Awards and Grants

  • AHRC Small Grant (2013) to support a one-off project, Icelandic Dining Exploration.

Selected work


Research interests

Tereza Stehlíková's most recent investigation concerns studying and exploring, in theory and practice, how our senses interact during a cinematic encounter, and how this interaction can be utilised by a filmmaker or an artist working in moving image to expand the expressive vocabulary of audio-visual media, to engage all of our senses. She is further interested in exploring the relationship between non-perceptual states, such as emotion and memory, and sensory perception to create tools to expand the expressive vocabulary of cinema.

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