Open Space

Phoebe Baines, a Sculpture student, devised a workshop that explored the politics of space and how it is designed to control and direct our movement within in. She worked with five groups from Wandsworth and Lambeth schools over the course of a week. The groups used visual references from the built urban environment to create stuffed fabric sculptures to guide, interrupt and confuse their audience.

Choosing and combining shapes from the street outside StudioRCA in Vauxhall, the young people worked in pairs to design a shape for their sculptures. Using a variety of different coloured materials and fabric glue, the pairs embellished the shape with a wide range of patterns, signs and symbols inspired from everyday life giving the sculptures bizarre, uncanny and confusing functions and instructions. They sewed the fabric together using an oversized stitching technique and filled it with stuffing creating a 3D shape – a finished sculpture. The groups installed their work in the space along its glass windows – facing out towards the street and the passers by.