Give and Take

Showzine Workshop led by Cara George and Katharina Dettar

Working with the idea of ‘give and take’, a group of students from Burntwood School took part in a workshop led by Jewellery and Metal students, Cara George and Katharina Dettar. The workshop began with everyone removing the jewellery they were wearing, which led into a discussion about why we wear jewellery.

The group explored the graduation show together with a Lucky Dip Question game and through fast-paced, playful drawing activities. Questions were raised about what the pieces in the show are about, what processes and materials are involved in their making as well as thinking about which pieces the students were most inspired by.

These ideas were then expanded upon and visualised through making. With a huge range of materials the students worked together to create jewellery using their bodies as physical tools and then gave their finished pieces to their partner. These pieces are realisations of what happens between maker/wearer and body/object.