Casting Space

RCASecret workshops

Sculpture students Finn Thomson and Holly Hendry led a workshop that encouraged young people to explore materials on both a small and large scale, consider different spaces and the objects that occupy them, experience casting as a tool to fix objects or articulate space, and investigate how one thing can shape another.

The starting point for the day was the way in which the artists participating in the RCA Secret exhibition have used a limited space (a postcard) in which to make something. Holly and Finn invited the group to explore and test the limits of a physical space, to consider it a ‘spatial canvas’, using a mix of traditional and more unconventional techniques.

Holly and Finn began the day talking about artists (including themselves) who use casting as a tool to highlight the connections between space and objects. Then the group experimented with plaster. They learned how to use simple plaster-casting methods, investigated how one form can dictate another’s shape, and worked with found forms to create dialogue between objects.

In the afternoon the group shifted their attention to ways of defining space through the enclosure of air. After considering the surrounding architecture the group collaborated to create a large 3D shapes using dust sheets and the duct tap. They used a fan to inflate the shape and make a large-scale response to the architecture of the building.