Maria Ines Gul

MA Visual Communication, 2015

Cursive script illustrator

Maria Ines Gul is an illustrator / visual artist with a strong interest in textile narratives, with a background in both Fine Art and Graphic Design. Born in Poland to geography teacher parents, she spent her childhood in the meadows and gardens drawing imaginary outfits and is now working on a garment filed with botanical embroidery.

She’s an in-house illustrator for Tavi Gevinson’s ROOKIE mag, with portfolio full of projects commissioned by clients such as Tate, London Fashion Week, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Drawn & Quarterly and Penguin Random House; and runs ill-informed – the cross-College illustration platform.
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Current occupation
RCA Visual Communication student

What do you do all day? 
I can't go through the day without drawing. I work really fast and rather spontaneously and that allows me to save up some time for taking long walks every day. I'm most creative late at night or when the studio is getting dark and empty. At the moment I'm working on a final project related to textiles and fashion so I like to go to V&A every now and then to get inspired and dig in their library archives.

What's the best thing about what you do?
It involves pencils, brushes, paint and listening to my favourite music...and the sweet privilege of waking up late.

What's your top drawing tip?
When I'm stuck with something I usually try to use a drawing tool I haven't used in a while or limit my colour palette. Best drawings always happen on the most unpredicted pages, so I tend to work on cheap paper.

"I’m most inspired late at night, listening to my favourite record."
Maria Gul
Maria Gul