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Yossarian Lives

A search engine that inspires new ideas and fresh perspectives through lateral connection.

Yossarian Lives is a revolutionary metaphorical search engine that aims to generate new ideas, fresh perspectives and inspire innovations through lateral connections.

Conventional search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, do little to encourage users to broaden their understanding of the search concept. With the most popular search terms appearing at the top of search lists, users are encouraged to click on these, reinforcing their popularity. While useful for some types of queries, for those in the creative or innovation fields such results can be too literal, expected, cliche, and hamper creative thought.

Yossarian Lives uses search algorithms that generate results that assist people in the creation of new ideas by returning disparate, but potentially metaphorically related information. These insights are valuable for users working at the edges of their knowledge field, particularly in creative fields, like design, advertising, PR, or business innovation. Yossarian Lives is a creative tool for those looking to generate new ideas or see their problem in a new light.

The venture takes its name from the main character of Joseph Heller's novel 'Catch-22' – a nod to the Catch-22 of current search algorithms that simultaneously provide access to information, yet confine knowledge through its reinforcement.

Founded by RCA graduates Dan Foster-Smith and J Paul Neeley (MA, RCA Design Interactions), and Katia Shutova (PhD, Cambridge University), the venture joined the InnovationRCA incubator in 2012.

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