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Raccoon Industries

Raccoon Industries is developing lightweight anti-theft motorbike and bike products based on its novel patent-pending material which effectively stops bolt croppers and angle grinders. (It has the ability to shatter angle grinder discs). This innovative material weighs only 40% of a steel equivalent and provides a higher level of protection than any current offering.

Raccoon industries are a response to the problem of evolving tools used to attack and steal motorcycles. These have benefitted from the 98% reduction in Lithium-ion battery costs which has made battery-powered angle grinders an effective and easily concealable option for thieves. The problem has become so widespread that in 2020 more motorcycles were registered stolen than purchased new.

Current motorcycle and bike security devices rely on bulk, material hardness and weight to counter angle grinder attack. Products can often weigh as much as a 9-year-old child, making them inconvenient to carry and use. Even chains marketed as "heavy duty" are regularly overcome by thieves in under 20 seconds.

Raccoon Industries was founded by Diggory Rush, a 2021 graduate of the RCA’s Innovation Design Engineering MA programme.

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