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A system that tackles the factors that influence effectiveness of hand hygiene programmes.

Orbel Health clips onto the belt or pocket or can be hung from the neck of the healthcare professional. It deposits gel through a set of roller balls which can be rubbed in any direction. With one swift, single-handed use, the healthcare worker is provided with enough alcohol gel to kill 99.9 per cent of germs on both hands.

The Problem
MRSA infection is a global problem. One in ten patients entering hospital contracts a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). MRSA has become an epidemic in hospitals worldwide. In the UK alone, the National Health Service (NHS) faces annual costs of over £1 billion with HAIs being held responsible for upwards of 5,000 deaths a year, and is a contributing factor to a further 15,000 deaths.

It is an accepted fact that the single most effective method of preventing and controlling the spread of MRSA is the effective decontamination of a healthcare worker's hands in between each patient.

Studies carried out recently in the UK revealed that as few as 28 per cent of healthcare staff adhere to this strict routine. Existing systems (wall mounted dispensers) also fail to address the workplace ergonomics and the social and psychological factors which are essential in cementing a rigorous hand hygiene culture.

The Solution
Orbel Health addresses the problems with current alcohol gels dispensers and is a unique product. Compared to existing competitor products it offers:

  • Single action use: existing products require two hands (and numerous steps) to achieve the same goal
  • Habitual drivers: Orbel Health is designed with human factors in mind - it is ergonomically shaped and aesthetically pleasing. It is anticipated that a combination of habitual drivers will lead to increased hand hygiene compliance. Its shape helps to make it desirable and improve the patients' perception of ward cleanliness
  • Ownership among nurses: each nurse has their own supply of alcohol gel in a choice of colours
  • Antibacterial dispenser: Orbel Health is made from Polygiene, a medical plastic which kills Hospital Acquired Infection bacteria on contact.

The Orbel Health dispenser completed a successful NHS trial in May 2010. Orbel Health is working closely with several packaging manufacturing companies as well as alcohol gel distribution companies who are seeking to license the system. They are attracting significant interest from the investor community.

Orbel Health exited the Incubator in May 2010 but InnovationRCA will maintain its stake as it's a business with exciting potential and with the opportunity to provide millions of units that help the NHS as well as other sectors improve hygiene compliance.

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