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Immersive tech that adds a physical layer to the digital world.

We are all in 3D and yet we interact with 2D interfaces like screens. Kodama is the platform where users can manipulate the digital by just moving physical objects. As you move the Kodama objects with your hands you control the digital on screen or in augmented reality.

Wherever there is 3D, there is a need for Kodama: we help VFX studios prototyping their movies in real time and we have empowered children to do the same by just moving toys around. Wired called Kodama a PIXAR do it yourself.

The 2D mouse gave us a way to interact with the digital through a window, 35 years later - today, Kodama breaks down that window and lets us touch and feel the digital allowing it to be real. Kodama is so intuitive and immediate that it redefines the concept of immersion.

Kodama co-creator Charles Leclercq was awarded the James Dyson Fellowship 2016.

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