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Creoto is developing dynamic, form changing programmable sockets for prostheses that can be adjusted, in real time, according to users' comfort requirements.

There are 10 million amputees in the world and every year this population is growing. Most of the sockets today are not a perfect fit and create problems like pain, loosening of sockets, pressure sores, etc. As a result of volume fluctuation of the stump (residual limb), a user has to replace their socket at least five to six times on average in two years, leading to huge costs.

Creoto’s patent pending technology dynamically changes and adapts to the fit of the user’s residual limb through soft actuators placed in strategic locations. This allows the user to set and save different grip levels on their smart phones according to their comfort and volume losses during the day. For instance, sitting, walking and sport requires a different grip strength.

Creoto creator Malav Sanghavi was awarded the Wates Giving Social Enterprise Fellowship 2016.

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