Knowledge Exchange

The Royal College of Art’s rich tradition of interdisciplinary working and innovation underpins its research and knowledge exchange.

It helps foster global economic performance, boosting the effectiveness of public services and policy, and enhancing quality of life, health and creative output. 

The RCA has long-standing expertise across innovation and knowledge exchange. Its early ‘triangle projects’ with Imperial College London, uniting design, technology, business and scientific invention, grew into a dedicated centre, Design London. 

Its successor InnovationRCA, now the College’s business incubator, promotes intellectual property generation, workshops and symposia that convene corporate, public sector and academic researchers to exchange ideas, expertise and evidence. 

Meanwhile, the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, the world’s leader in inclusive design research for an ageing population, engages in knowledge exchange with business, government, the non-profit sector and the design community through education and events, publications and industrial collaborations. 

The launch of the Healthcare Innovation Exchange Centre (HELIX) in 2014, will maximise healthcare research and innovation’s economic and social impact with national and international partners. The centre, a joint venture with Imperial College London, builds on previous collaboration between the two prestigious colleges combining the RCA’s creativity and user-centred design expertise with ICL’s clinical, engineering and scientific know-how. 

Innovation and knowledge exchange is also at the core of studio projects and symposia such as the Metaflux Platform, as well as programmes such as the AHRC-funded Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy, the Creative Exchange, Research Councils UK, Technology Strategy Board and other European initiatives.

The RCA continues to strengthen its renowned culture of research, design innovation and entrepreneurialism with closer links to industry, building on this platform with proposed centres of expertise focused on visualisation, design and prototyping, and high end imaging.

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Knowledge Exchange