Financial Help

Explore your funding options

Please note that applying for funding is a separate process from applying for admission. An offer of a course place does not constitute an offer of financial support; this is your responsibility. The information in this section is intended to highlight the main sources of funding – it is not comprehensive and there may be other sources (both in the UK and abroad).

Postgraduate Loan Scheme

The UK Government has recently announced that most UK and EU students will be able to access up to £10,000 as a loan towards postgraduate study. Organised by the Student Loan Company these loans will have income-contingent repayments making them potentially favourable to most other forms of borrowing; interest rates will also be less than commercial rates. Certain residency restrictions apply and more information can be found below under External Funding; applications are due to open via the Student Loan Company website at a date to be confirmed this summer. 

Financial Help