Oluwaseyi Sosanya

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Major project:

Final Year Projects

The Structure of Protection

The Structure of Protection is an experimental design project that explores the production and performance of three dimensional woven textile structures for protective garment applications.

The research and experimentation in this projects is inspired by woven textiles used for hi velocity impact and lower velocity impact. Through experimentation with material, production, and application a pallet of woven samples has been developed with the use of 3D printing technology, to serve in a variety of exciting applications. 

Gravity Sketch

Gravity is a group project exploring the ways we as creators develop and visualise  our ideas in 3D space. Gravity is tool composed of a pen and pad specifically designed for sketching in an augmented environment accompanied by augmented reality glasses. Free from any screen, Gravity allows you to focus on developing your ideas in an intuitive way.

As you start to draw, objects take shape in front of you. Through the landing pad controls, you can adjust the plane in which you sketch, giving volume to your creation. Gravity reinvents how you and your collaborators visualise and contribute to each other's ideas.

Gravity is a simple and engaging tool that will shape a new wave of 3D creation.

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  • I am fascinated by human behaviour and material consumption, understanding these, and using inspiration from nature and technology to develop disruptive solutions. 

  • Previous degrees

  • BASc Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, 2006
  • Experiences

  • Quality engineer, PEGA D&E, Taipei, 2011-12; Design engineer, Grove Made LLC, Portland OR, 2009-11; Production apprentice, Tomita Designs, late 2008-9
  • Exhibitions

  • Work-in-progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2014; Gravity Sketch Demo, Milan Design Week, Milan 2014; Queen Elizabeth Prize For Engineering, Tate Modern, London 2013 ; Taiwan World Design Expo, Songshan Cultural & Creative Park ,Taipei, 2011; Rio Tinto Sports Innovation Challenge, Object Gallery, Sydney 2013; Project Chaboo, Gallery Homeland, Portland Oregon, 2009
  • Publications

  • James Pallister, 'Drawing in 3D will soon be as "intuitive as sketching with paper"', DEZEEN, 2014; Joseph Flaherty, 'An Oculus Rift Hack That Lets You Draw in 3-D', WIRED, 2014; Carly Ayres, 'In the Details: Building a 3D Sketchpad That Lets You Draw Objects in Midair', Core77, 2014; Jesus Diaz, 'This cool pad and pen lets you sketch in 3D using augmented reality', Gizmodo, 2014; Simon Martin, 'Gravity 3D Sketching: New Sketchpad Brings 3D to 2D Using Augmented Reality', SolidSmak, 2014; Rachel Pincus, 'A sketchpad designed for any augmented-reality device could change how you draw out your thoughts', PFSK, 2014
  • Awards

  • James Dyson Foundation Bursary, 2014; Future Seeds, Samsung Certificate, London, 2014 ; Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, London, 2013
  • Funding

  • Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
  • Sponsors

  • James Dyson Foundation
Royal College of Art Royal College
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18-29 June

Royal College
of Art Graduate

The Royal College of Art has a deserved reputation for excellence in research and innovation, and a remit – embodied in its Royal Charter – to take that innovation out into industry and engage with real-world issues. 2013/14 is notable for the number of graduating MPhil and PhD students – 25 in total – as well as groundbreaking student projects that seek to expand practice and policy within their disciplines, many of which are represented here in Show RCA 2014. 

Established in 2012 and showing here for the first time are the programmes of Information Experience Design, Interior Design and Service Design.

Show RCA 2014 is presented across the College’s two campuses: Battersea and Kensington. This year, some 575 Master’s, MPhil and PhD students graduate from the six Schools of the RCA. 

As ever, the breadth, quality and originality of projects at the RCA’s annual Show is inspiring and energising. On behalf of the staff and faculty of the Royal College of Art, we offer our sincere congratulations to the graduands of 2014.

Dr Paul Thompson